Pathways supports aged care homes through offering a range of consulting services across management and clinical areas. Some of the company’s areas of expertise include accreditation support, medication management system review, medication system compliance assessments, and project management particularly related to organisation change.

Accreditation Support

Pathways Health & Education Consultants Pty Ltd provide accreditation support for education and clinical practices within the aged care facility. Support may include: 1. Review of current operational clinical and medication practices and associated management systems including policies and procedures ...
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Medication Systems Review

Review of Operational Medication Management Systems and Administration Practices. Pathways Health & Education Consultants Pty Ltd can facilitate a review your current medication practices and operational systems. In accordance with the recorded observations, findings and any identified areas for improvement ...
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Medication Skills & Knowledge Review

Review of skills and knowledge of nursing and personal care staff involved in medicine management and medication administration. This would entail an analysis of the staff currently administering medicines and the qualification / education level that they hold in order ...
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Medication Policy & Procedure Review and Update

Pathways can assist in the review of your current medication policy and procedures. This can include re-designing and creating an easy to use, concise medication management manual that would be seen as an ogoing reference resource to staff involved in ...
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