Clinical Care


A range of diverse clinical care education sessions are available and able to be facilitated through Pathways. These are provided for Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Care Workers, as specific staff group workshops or combined interactive education.

Each training session is designed to meet the individual needs of the home and the clinical care team.  As relevant workshops include competency assessment of participant knowledge through the completion of a both written and practical assessment. Throughout the training appropriate legislative and regulatory requirements, professional guidelines and evidence based information underpins the learning .

Clinical Care topics include:

– Bowel Management
– Pain Management
– Palliative Care
– Oral and Dental Care
– Care of the Resident with Dementia
– Clinical Assessment
– Behaviour Management
– Falls Prevention
– Care of the Resident with Diabetes
– Management of the Clinical Care Team

Workshop Inclusions:

Each education workshop includes the following services:

  1. Documenting of participant attendances and workshop outcomes.
  2. Provision of workshop notes and handouts for all participants.
  3. Marking and the provision of feedback related to completed written activities by workshop participants.
  4. Competency assessment of staff as relevant and in accordance with the provided education area.
  5. Completion of participant feedback and evaluation forms at each workshop.
  6. Provision of a written management report summarising education session evaluation and outcomes.
  7. Issuing of a Certificate of Attendance to each participant in accordance with individual achievement and the education areas covered in the workshop. Certificates would include the allocation of CPD points for nursing staff as part of the mandatory national continuing professional development standards. Please refer to –

Duration – typically workshops are 3 (1/2 day) or 6 hour (1 day)