Infection Control


This workshop is designed to assist staff in maintaining effective infection control practices throughout the aged care facility, by providing education to enhance the appropriate knowledge and skills to ensure a safe environment of care.

Key topics include:

  • Exploring the spread of micro-organisms and the importance of required practices.
  • Examining current infection control practices and the individuals’ duty of care, understanding and competency.
  • Detailing the appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace.
  • Developing an understanding of outbreak management including how to recognise it, and the appropriate action that is needed to be implemented.

Competency Assessment:

Competency assessment is determined through:

  • Participation in group discussions within the workshop.
  • Completion of a hand hygiene competency including use of soap / water and alcoholic hand rub.
  • Completion of a blood spill / body fluid management competency
  • Completion of a glove removal competency.
  • Completion of an infection control learning review worksheet (individual and group activity).
  • Completion of a PPE activity in relation to donning and removal of resources.