Workplace Health & Safety – Keeping it Safe!


Half ColumnHalf ColumnThis purpose of this workshop is to provide staff with a review of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) principles and practices in accordance with state legislative and regulatory requirements.

Key topics include:

  • Developingd an understanding of safety principles and practices in relation to legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Reviewing the legal requirements of the employer and employee in relation to Workplace Health and Safety (WHS).
  • Discussing the role of WHS representatives and the WHS committee.
  • Exploring the process of risk management and its application to the aged care environment.
  • Developing an understanding of hazard identification.
  • Exploring ways to reduce associated risk and potential of harm from identified hazards.
  • Overviewing the importance of incident and accident recording and reporting, including information to document in such reports.

Competency Assessment:

Competency assessment is determined through:

  • Completion of hazard / risk assessment learning review worksheet.
  • Analysis of WHS / safety case studies and identification of safety issues/ causes and safety action strategies needed to be implemented.
  • Completion of incident reporting and documentation case study.
  • Participation in group activities and workshop discussions.