Carer Medication


Medication focused update education workshops for the Care Worker are provided by Pathways at a variety of knowledge and skill levels. Workshops designed to support the needs of the Care worker (AIN / PCA) who is new to the area of medicine administration and requires development of the skills and knowledge through to a range of annual update training sessions  for the experienced carer and includes reassessment of  competency. All are underpinned by the need to ensure the work practices of the Care worker achieves  safe and efficient medication practices in accordance to the needs of the residents. Alternatively individual  competency assessment of care staff can be facilitated by Pathways and through working with management opportunities for improvement and further skill development can be determined.

Foundation Medication Administration

This education is designed to develop the skills and medication understanding of Care Workers (PCAs / AINs) working within residential aged care to ensure the appropriate and safe use of medications in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements and organisation ...
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Annual Update Education

This education is designed to build onto the fundamentals of medicine administration, this training reviews and further challenges the skills and knowledge of personal care workers. The annual update workshop is presented through an interactive training session that includes a ...
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Practical Medication Competency Assessment

While nursing and care staff are initially qualified to administer medications, just as important is the ongoing measure of the competency of their skills and practices. Competency assessment is used to measure the ongoing capability and skills of staff to ...
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Design Your Own Education

Pathways recognises the uniqueness of each organisation and the varied resident needs that exist within residential aged care that in turn necessitates education and assessment programs that are designed specifically to these requirements. Pathways is able to design specific education ...
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Specific Medication Areas

A range of education and assessment programs designed by Pathways utilising specific topics relevant to the Care Worker in residential aged care ...
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