Practical Medication Competency Assessment


While nursing and care staff are initially qualified to administer medications, just as important is the ongoing measure of the competency of their skills and practices. Competency assessment is used to measure the ongoing capability and skills of staff to continue with their assigned medicine administration practices and responsibilities, as well as to evidence the safety of the overall organisation’s operational medication process.
Pathways offers in this service the re-assessment of both nursing and personal care staff in relation to their medicine practices. A range of competency assessment activities are used to assess both currency of skill and knowledge of the medicines as well as associated administration practices for the individual worker, aligned to their scope of practice and organisation role. It involves the assessment of individual staff knowledge, practical skills and ongoing commitment to safe medicine administration.
To achieve this a range of competency assessment strategies are used including completion of a written learning review workbook, practical competency assessment of medicine administration and working through different scenarios for medicine related issues and possible incidents.
In line with the organisation’s needs assessments can be arranged to occur either:
– Through simulation, off the job assessments using a range of medicine resources including DAA, medication examples and medicine charts that mirror the operation system at the aged care facility:
On the job during a medicine workplace round / individual resident administration.

Competency Assessment Inclusions:
1. Documenting of individual competency assessment and outcomes achieved
2. Provision of an overall management report summarising competency assessment outcomes and individual staff performances.
3. Where personal care workers are deemed not yet competent, individual training plans are developed and provided for the aged care facility to action.
4. Issuing of participant certificates in accordance with individual competency achievements, including notation of allocated CPD points as relevant for nursing staff.