Medicine Administration that Ticks all the Boxes


The Medicine Administration that Ticks all the Boxes training workshop is designed as a medicine update for care workers (PCAs/AINs), working within residential aged care, aligned to their responsibilities and areas of practice so as to ensure that medicines are administered safely and effectively according to the resident’s individualised health and wellness needs.

Key topics include:
– Reviewing the role of the care worker aligned to legislative and regulatory requirements and organisation policy and procedures, to ensure an understanding of responsibilities and accountabilities.
– Developing an understanding of different medicine schedules and the care worker’s responsibilities.
– Exploring medicine administration skills for different routes and forms to ensure safe and optimum health benefits to the resident.
– Evaluating corrective action practices required when a medicine error or incident occur, including reporting and recording requirements.
– Recognising the uniqueness of the individual older person in relation to medication management and identified ways to achieve person centred care.
– Overviewing specific medicine skills to ensure safe practice and the quality use of medicines.
– Competency assessed regarding their understanding and skill accuracy in accordance with the care worker’s scope of practice.

Competency Assessment:
Included in this training is a range of competency assessment activities to assess both currency of skill and knowledge of the medicines as well as associated administration practices.
This includes:
– Completion of a written learning review workbook aligned to the knowledge and understanding of medicines and related practices.
– Practical competency assessment of medicine administration, including from a DAA and for a variety of different medication forms
– Learning review of the responsibilities and accountability of the Care Worker in relation to S8 medicines and the being a witness.
– Evaluation of response related to the management of a medicine issue and related safety considerations.