More than taking a tablet


This training session is specifically designed to emphasise to the personal care staff that their role in medication administration is more than just providing tablets to residents. The workshop explores their role in relation to different medication forms as well as ongoing safety, infection control and resident review and reporting requirements that are associated with medicine related practices.

Key topics include –

  • The care worker’s role and responsibilities related to medicines
  • Medication legislative and regulatory guidelines, including exploring recent changes.
  • Medication documentation and an understanding of the medication chart.
  • Medication terminology and interpretation.
  • Different types of medicine orders, including PRN medications, short term drugs, and variable drug doses.
  • Monitoring of medicine outcomes.
  • Medicine administration practices for different medicine forms.
  • Management of issues and contingencies that arise during medication administration.

Competency Assessment –
Included in this training is a range of competency assessment activities to assess both currency of skill and knowledge of the medicines as well as associated administration practices.
This includes:

  • Completion of a written learning review workbook.
  • Practical competency assessment of medicine administration, including from a DAA and for different medicine forms.
  • Completion of case studies that require management of a medicine issue.