RN/EN Medication


Medication education sessions for the Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse are designed to further develop and challenge the medication management knowledge and skills of this staff group working in Residential Aged Care, and aligned to the specific needs of the older person.  All education is provided onsite at the participant’s place of work and is customised to incorporate the operational systems and resources that are utilised in medicine management. All education workshops include relevant updates in relation to the appropriate legislative and regulatory requirements, professional guidelines and evidence based practices.

Annual Update Education

Annual update education is designed to build onto the current knowledge and skills of the Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse. Training is designed to meet the needs of the organisation,  as well as challenge the current practices and understanding of the ...
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Practical Medication Competency Assessment

Competency assessment is used to measure the ongoing capability and skills of staff to continue with their assigned medicine administration practices and responsibilities, as well as to evidence the safety of the overall organisation’s operational medication process. Pathways can provide ...
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Specific Medicine Areas

A range of education and assessment programs designed by Pathways utilising specific topics relevant to the RN/EN working in residential aged care ...
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Design Your Own Education

Pathways recognises the uniqueness of each organisation and the varied resident needs that exist within residential aged care that in turn necessitates education and assessment programs that are designed specifically to these requirements. Pathways is able to design specific education ...
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