Annual Update Education


Annual update education is designed to build onto the current knowledge and skills of the Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse. Training is designed to meet the needs of the organisation,  as well as challenge the current practices and understanding of the nurse through a range of  interactive activities and discussions. These  include relevant medication information updates, practical review of administration skills and exploring of legislative, regulatory and professional guidelines in relation to medicines. In conducting the workshop the content is customised to reflect the facility’s medicine resources and documentation systems. Relevant case studies are also used to explore with participants ways to achieve the quality and safe use of medicines.

Workshop Duration:
Available as either 3Hrs (Half day) or 6Hrs (Full day)

Key topics include:
– Medication legislative and regulatory guidelines, including exploring recent changes.
– Medicine management, medicine supervision and delegation.
– Medicine administration practices for different medicine forms, routes and prescribed orders.
– Management of issues and contingencies that arise during medication administration.
– Medication assessment and review and evaluation of outcomes
– Medicine schedules, including S8 (or restricted) medicines and related governing practices
– Medicine maths including medication calculations
Competency Assessment:
Included in this training is a range of competency assessment activities to assess both currency of skill and knowledge of medicines as well as associated management practices.