Specific Medicine Areas


A range of education and assessment programs designed by Pathways utilising specific topics relevant to the RN/EN working in residential aged care .

Medicine Management – Medicines and Behaviours

Residents requiring residential aged care often have a variety of medical conditions that result in impaired cognition as well as a variety of behaviour management needs. Sometimes this requires specific medicines to be administered as part of their ongoing care ...
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S8 Medication Management

The workshop is designed to further develop and challenge the medication knowledge and skills of Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse in relation to the medicine management and administration of S8 medicines. The workshop will include an update in relation to ...
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Medicine Management – Care of the resident with diabetes

Residents in residential aged care often have a variety of medical conditions that require specific care planning, monitoring and observation. Diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, is one such condition and often the treatment of this health condition requires ...
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Medicine Management – Pain management

This education workshop is designed to promote an understanding of pain management and the related medicine and no medicine management strategies that are used in the clinical management of this symptoms and related health conditions which are associated with it ...
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