Medicine Management – Pain management


This education workshop is designed to promote an understanding of pain management and the related medicine and no medicine management strategies that are used in the clinical management of this symptoms and related health conditions which are associated with it. In order to ensure appropriate pain management and quality of life outcomes for the resident learning in this workshop includes areas pertaining to appropriate clinical assessment, medicine related treatments, available non medicine care strategies and ongoing monitoring and evaluation practices.
A medicine validation activity is included in this workshop to explore specifically the use of analgesia medicines including different schedules of medicines within this group of drugs and routes of administration. The activity consists of reviewing current medication administration practices to best practice recommendations for different analgesia medicines and routes of administration. This provides nurses with insight in relation to the correct administration practices and also clinical points regarding ongoing monitoring and evaluation of care for the residents taking these medications. Other clinical area that are included in these discussions are pain management protocols, pain assessment and related resource tools, and related analgesia side effects including constipation and the risk of falls.

Key topics include:
– The Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurses role and responsibilities related to medicines
– Medication legislation, regulatory requirements and professional guidelines, including exploring recent changes.
– Understanding of medication management, supervision and delegation.
– Understanding of pain and its different types, routes and schedule

A focus on analgesics and pain management, in particular:
– Different types of analgesia medicines
– Pain medicines prescribed as PRN medications
– S8 pain medicines
– Monitoring and evaluation of medicine outcomes.
– Medicine administration practices for different pain medicine forms.
– Specific needs of the resident requiring pain management and related health conditions.
– Management of issues and contingencies that arise during medication administration of analgesics.

Competency Assessment:
– Completion of a written learning review workbook.
– Practical competency assessment of specific medicine administration practices including administration of medicines via injection.
– Completion of related case studies and related scenarios.