Pathways values and encourages organisations to sustain a high level of clinical knowledge and expertise through offering a range of tools and resources that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of Aged Care.

Medication Competency Assessment System

Competency is an observable measure that demonstrates not only the ability to perform a skill to a required standard of practice but involves the consistent and committed application of knowledge to ensure repeated procedures are similarly to this expected level ...
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Medication Audit Tools and Resources

Medication audit tools are used to review and identify areas for improvement within the operational medication system within the aged care facility. They are an integral part of the quality system within the home and serve to ensure that medication ...
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Written Knowledge Assessments – Learning Review Work Books

Learning Review workbooks are specifically designed to assess the knowledge and understanding of related competency areas as well as evaluate skills in accordance with a range of scenarios and different settings. Different assessment methodologies are used in the workbooks including ...
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