Written Knowledge Assessments – Learning Review Work Books


Care_PCA_AIN LearnReviewCoverLearning Review workbooks are specifically designed to assess the knowledge and understanding of related competency areas as well as evaluate skills in accordance with a range of scenarios and different settings. Different assessment methodologies are used in the workbooks including multiple choice, true or false, case studies and short answer questions. These publications are useful as part of the orientation for new staff, as part of the annual update program and to support staff performance review following a related medicine incident or issue. They are designed to support the claim of staff competency in relation to medication competency.

Answer guides assist the assessor in reviewing and marking the learning review resources, as well as ensuring conformity across the organisation.

These are available for Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses and a separate book for Personal Carers. We regularly update these publications so that you can use different learning review workbooks for the varied needs that arise in the facility.

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