Annual Update Education


This education is designed to build onto the fundamentals of medicine administration, this training reviews and further challenges the skills and knowledge of personal care workers. The annual update workshop is presented through an interactive training session that includes a practical reassessment of medication administration practices of all participants in attendance. This is completed during the training session (off the job), in accordance with role plays and fictitious scenarios that review both the individual’s understanding and practical skills of medication administration. In conducting the workshop the content is customised as much as possible to the facility’s resources so that participants are using drug forms and medication administration aids (DAA) that they are familiar with and are required to use on a daily basis.
As this workshop is a medication update all attending Carers must have undertaken previous foundation education and skills in line with medication administration. This would preferably be in accordance with the nationally recognised units of competency CHCCS303A and CHCCS304A or CHCCS305C (or equivalent).
Please note – This training is not suitable for the novice Carer who has not administered medication before, as other training would be required to support the needs of this worker.

Workshop Duration:
Available as either 3Hrs (Half day) or 6Hrs (Full day)

Key topics include:
– The care worker’s role and responsibilities related to medicines
– Medication legislative and regulatory guidelines, including exploring recent changes.
– Medicine administration practices for different medicine forms.
– Management of issues and contingencies that arise during medication administration.
Competency Assessment Inclusions:
– Completion of a written learning review workbook.
– Practical competency assessment of medicine administration, including from a DAA and for different medicine forms.
– Completion of case studies that require management of a medicine issue.