Design Your Own Education


Pathways recognises the uniqueness of each organisation and the varied resident needs that exist within residential aged care that in turn necessitates education and assessment programs that are designed specifically to these requirements. Pathways is able to design specific education workshops that would meet these individual needs and support the facility’s goals to achieve quality and safe mediation management.
Education sessions can be designed to meet your needs in accordance with a number of varied areas including training duration, different staffing groups to be accommodated by the learning and meeting of your specified outcomes such as those associated with accreditation or legislation areas.
Some suggested Medication topics that you may like to consider could include:

– Understanding medication legislation, regulations and professional guidelines.
– Medication management principles and practices
– Specific medicine forms or groups including respiratory medicines, PEG medicine administration and Prn medications
– Behaviour management and medicines
– Medicine management of the resident with diabetes
– Medicine delegation practices and responsibilities and accountabilities
– Advance medication administration practices for nurses including injection administration, accuracy in medicine calculations and variable medication administration
– S8 medication management
– Witnessing of S8 medicine administration
– Medicine care planning practices
– Developing and understanding medicine governing documents

We encourage you to contact Pathways and discuss further your individual needs and requirements so an education program can be tailored made to meet your needs.