S8 Medication Management


The workshop is designed to further develop and challenge the medication knowledge and skills of Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse in relation to the medicine management and administration of S8 medicines. The workshop will include an update in relation to the appropriate legal and regulatory requirements pertaining to S8 medications and closely examine the specific responsibilities of the nurse in relation to medication administration and reporting.
A practical competency assessment of S8 medication administration practices is completed through simulation scenarios allowing for the reflection and observation of skills pertaining to the management of a range of contingencies that may arise in relation to S8 medicines. This includes S8 medicine refusal, S8 medicine receival of stock, S8 medicine disposal destruction, and documentation practices (including correction of written errors) in the S8 register. The practical assessment is intended to review both the individual’s understanding and practical skills of medication administration.

Key topics include:
– The Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurses role and responsibilities related to different medicine schedules, in particular S8 medicines
– Medication legislation, regulatory requirements and professional guidelines related to S8 medicines, including exploring recent changes as relevant to this area.
– Understanding of medication management, supervision and delegation in relation to S8 medicines.
– Medicine schedules and their meanings

A focus on S8 medicine management and related practices, would include:
– Different types of S8 medicines
– Different S8 medicine prescribed orders including PRN medications, short term drugs, and variable drug doses
– S8 drug register recording and reporting requirements
– S8 medicine safety and security including monitoring of stock and related storage areas
– Monitoring and evaluation of S8 medicine outcomes.
– Medicine administration practices for different S8 medicines and drug forms.
– Specific needs of the resident requiring S8 medicines.
– Management of issues and contingencies that arise related to S8 medicines.

Competency Assessment:
– Completion of a written learning review workbook.
– Practical competency assessment of specific S8 medicine administration practices.
– Completion of related case studies and related scenarios.